Electronic Cigarette Health Hazards

Electronic Cigarette Health Hazards

Many are of the opinion that e cigarette health risk is a myth, and this is far from being true. This product has now reached a level where it is not uncommon to hear people discussing e cigarette health risks and much more so discussing the necessity to quit smoking altogether. There are also people saying that e cigarette will not affect anyone physically, but merely acts as a nicotine alternative. Well, these two arguments have some validity within their own way, and they are discussed below.

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To begin with, smoking is probably the most addictive habit that people can get. It usually is very difficult for people to give up smoking once they have been hooked into it. Even with all the nicotine replacement therapy and counseling methods which have been used, the urge for a smoke still persists in many smokers, thereby leading them to use a cigarette as a substitute.

Nicotine exists in every puff of these cigarettes, thus there is no physical dependence on this specific substance. This is not the same as nicotine gum and other nicotine replacement products that claim to reduce or totally eliminate the ramifications of smoking. The only thing that you should be careful about is to be certain that the brand that you are using have not contained any harmful ingredients like benzene and cadmium. These are some of the chemicals which were shown to have unwanted effects on the body when exposed to it in excessive amounts.

When e cigarette is used for nicotine replacement therapy, folks are still expected to stop smoking. In some cases where the medication fails to help, the individual must be carefully monitored by his / her physician. Medical examinations must be carried out as a way to see whether or not you can find any physical limitations which could affect someone’s ability to stop smoking. However, for most people, e cigarette does not cause any harm,